Heat Bending

Heat bending is a great manufacturing method used often in point-of-purchase displays. The heat bending process allows thermoplastic sheets to be re-molded or formed. We can heat bend a plastic sheet to give it a well-defined bend so that, upon cooling, it holds its form. Thanks to this process, we are able to bend the plastic at various angles for various display needs.

We use the heat bending process to manufacture point-of-purchase displays with a variety of plastics, particularly with acrylic, because of its sleek and durable qualities; there is no material that can bend like acrylic!

The heat-bending process allows for minimal tooling expenses with quick set-up and cycle times that make our projects cost-efficient. We create fixture systems that ensures that each part of your display is exactly the same, and we solvent glue our plastics to create a molecularly bonded joint.

Depending upon your specific needs, we use a variety of methods to heat bend thermoplastic material, but the bottom line is a display that is affordable, durable and looks great!

Advantages of Heat Bending

  • Minimal tooling expense
  • Cost-efficient set up and cycle times
  • Fixture system ensures every part is exactly the same
  • Quick turn-around time

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of Heat Bending, contact us today at (330) 830-0411 to find out how we can help you connect with your consumer, promote your brand and make more sales!