Menu Boards

Easy to ready menu boards for your retail location.

Menu boards are powerful point of purchase signs designed to encourage message retention and drive sales. They are great tools for encouraging additional purchases and thus, might be considered one of your greatest graphics investments.

Menu boards are highly effective at promoting specials and highlighting your products or services. They’re extremely important in the retail space, because they capture the consumer’s attention during a critical time -- while they’re making a purchasing decision and during the moment they’re ready to act.

Why Use A Menu Board?

  • They’re editable. Update your menu board at any time. This is great when there are changes in services or prices.
  • They’re informative. Control the transfer of information to your consumer.
  • They drive sales. Menu boards, when done right, work to drive sales, especially at point of purchase.

We absolutely love menu boards, because we know that they are effective when done right. They provide a perfect solution for capturing the attention of waiting or inquisitive customers. And because they are editable, you can update a menu board at any time -- great for when there are changes to your products or prices.

The Motivo Design Team will work closely with you to create an informational, eye-catching menu board that will promote your merchandise or services with fresh, vibrant colors in a clean, branded display.

Consider offering a menu board as part of your in-store point of purchase kit! Contact us today so we can help you get started!