Sales Counters

Solid construction sales counters

Did you know that 40-70% of consumers make their purchasing decisions at the in-store retail location? With statistics like that, it’s critical that your retail space is beautiful, clean and compelling. One of the best ways to create a compelling retail space is by utilizing sales counters that are conducive to consumer interaction and an effective in-store environment.

The Motivo Design Team will work with you to develop sales counters that are optimized for effective consumer communication and engagement. Our team develops sales counters with your brand messaging at top of mind so that you can drive higher ticket sales and encourage repeat business where it matters the most -- at point of purchase.

Sales counters create the perfect opportunity for showcasing your products, and they can also double as point-of-purchase displays, creating a rich marketing opportunity. Our team will work with you to create sales counters that reflect the feel and vision of your company. Additionally, our quality constructed sales counters are made to last in any retail environment.

There are various ways to quickly and easily make your retail store stand out. Sales counters are one element of the in-store environment that create an immediate impact, whether done right or wrong. If done wrong, your sales counters can create a cumbersome experience that will work to deflect customers. And when done right, they create inviting spaces designed to improve the customer experience, boost your brand and ultimately, create more sales!

Are you ready to create the most effective, in-store environment for your retail space? Contact us today to get started!

Benefits of Movito Sales Counters

  • Counter connectors provide easy, clean transitions between counters.
  • Modular or stand-alone sales counters offer solutions for all sales needs.
  • Our sales counters are sturdy! We use levelers to adapt to uneven floors.
  • Adjustable shelves can be changed based on need.



  • Locking drawers and doors provide safe-keeping for valuable items.
  • Raceways for routing wires and cables available.
  • Our counters are available in seven standard colors.
  • Looking for a color all your own? We offer color customization!