Counter Displays

Counter displays for maximum impact

Counter Displays are a popular marketing product, because they present your product or service to a captive audience -- at retail racks, upon counter spaces, in receptions or lobby areas, and anywhere your consumer may be shopping. Counter Displays often act as the last chance for promotion of your product or service at the retail point of purchase -- a reason they are popular with many brands and advertisers.

Counter Displays work to promote consumer impulse purchases. Remember the last time you were in line at any store? Chances are, your eyes were drawn to a Counter Display working to grab your attention before you hit your final point of purchase. As you know, that was by design and the advertiser was appealing to your impulses, hoping you would react to the quick appeal with a quick purchase.

Counter Displays are essential marketing tools that get your product in front of your customers during a crucial time, at the point of purchase. Here at Motivo, we understand why Counter Displays work and we want to show you how they work and ultimately, how they can work for you.

Our team will work with you to create a display strategy that makes the most sense for your consumer and your brand. Following our strategy for design and branding, our design experts will work with you to create displays from hundreds of style options, sizes and merchant price points available at our fingertips. We know that one size does not fit all and we want you to stand out from the competition!

Since Counter Displays are often your last chance for promotion, our goal is to create a display product that is impactful and causes the consumer to act quickly. Interested in learning more about how Counter Displays can work for you? Contact us today!