Wire Fabrication

Wire displays offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional display manufacturing methods. Because there is relatively little material used, labor costs tend to be lower, providing great value for our customers.

Displays produced with wire fabrication are a popular option, because they can be designed to knock down for shipping, resulting in lower warehousing costs. One of their top advantages is that they are strong and produced to support a great deal of weight!

Advantages of Wire Fabrication

  • Can be designed to knock down for shipping
  • Lower warehousing costs
  • Strong and built to hold a lot of weight
  • Little material used
  • Lower labor costs

Interested in our wire display options? We offer in-house manufacturing that gives us total control over the quality of your products. Our high-level design, carefully selected materials and professionally designed packaging remain at the core of every display that we produce. Contact us today at (330) 830-0411 to find out how we can help you connect with your consumer, promote your brand and make more silent sales through our display solutions!