Literature Holders

Keep your sales literature within reach

With so much noise in the retail space, you need your message to stand out in a crowd! Our literature holders are designed to get your message in front of customers in a way that is organized, visible, and easy to access.

Literature holders are a popular marketing tool, because they are both durable and affordable. The Motivo Design team couples beautiful design with a variety of durable materials for an enhanced merchandising presentation. Our custom-designed literature holders are designed to fit any sized media and can be placed in various spaces, including the floor, wall and counter space of your retail area.

Our literature holders will help present your literature in a professional way that highlights your brand or product. During the creation process, we give continued priority to quality, affordability, and design. And as always, we strive to provide exceptional customer service every step of the way!

Are you interested in including literature holders in your promotional kits? Contact us today for more information!

Benefits of Literature Holders

  • They are durable. Our literature holders can last for years when taken care of.
  • They look nice. Literature holders can be designed to complement the overall look of your retail space.
  • They save space. Literature holders can help you store lots of information in limited space.
  • They keep literature organized. Especially good for spaces with little space and lots of information.
  • They are affordable. Even those on a small budget can invest in literature holders.
  • They include changeable graphics. Change out graphics based on special promotions or offers.